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Introduction to AQT

In This Chapter

Four main benefits of AQT

What's new

What’s new in AQT v11

Main features of AQT

For the DBA

Database types that AQT accesses

Using the Window-list bar

Customizing your toolbars

Installing and Uninstalling AQT

Troubleshooting Installation Problems

Installing AQT on a 64-bit version of Windows

Advanced Query Tool was written by a DBA to make his work more productive and help eliminate keyboard errors.

We have invested a large amount of effort into developing a simple interface that is fast and easy to use. Many users find Advanced Query Tool worthwhile just to have this one interface, which accesses all their database types. A quick start gives a general introduction to AQT.

You can work with minimal clicking, minimal scrolling, minimal typing and a minimal amount of hunting through menus. Usability concepts explains this further.

Given a certain job-function, we guarantee that you can do this faster with AQT than any other query tool we have seen.

Advanced Query Tool
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