Data Compare

Available in AQT Extended

This feature and a few others are available only with an Extended AQT license

Data Compare allows you to compare the data between two different tables, whether these are in the same database or different databases.

  • you can compare either tables or the results of a query
  • tables can be in different databases; even databases of different types
  • you can specify which columns are compared, and map which column compares to which
  • you can generate a script to resynchronize the tables
  • has a Compare Multiple Tables window for comparing all the tables in a schema
  • Data Compare is optimized to run FAST and to use little memory. A speed of 10,000 rows per second is not uncommon. Compare 1 million rows in a few minutes!
  • Data Compare can be run in batch mode for unattended resynchronization of data
AQT's Data Compare

Display of Compare Results

When you run a Compare, the results are displayed on the Results tab

  • the result of the compare is shown with the two tables side-by-side
  • rows that are different (or in one table but not the other) are marked
  • values that are different are highlighted.
  • you can compare LOB values
Result of Compare

Resynchronization Script

Data Compare can generate a script to resynchronize the contents of the tables

  • you can specify which table the changed are to be applied to
  • you can specify which statements are to be generated - update / inserts and/or deletes
  • can be used for bi-directional resyncing in some scenarios
  • when run in batch mode, can be used for unattended resyncing of tables
Data Compare resync script

Compare Multiple Tables

This feature allows you to compare all the tables in a schema in a single operation.

Compare all tables in Schema