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A quick start to AQT

Introduction to AQT

Getting help

Shortcut keys

Signing on to a Database

Configuring a Database Connection

Displaying information about your database

Displaying Data

Finding Data in a Table

Query Builder

Running SQL

Running AQT as an unattended batch job

Amending Data

Exporting Data


Summarizing your Data

Merge Table

Loading Data

Comparing Data

Administration Component

System Monitor

Save Sessions


Technical Notes on Options

AQT scripting

Technical information



This guide is for anyone who is using Advanced Query Tool. The guide explains the features and functionality of AQT.

DBAs, database developers and data analysts

Advanced Query Tool was designed to make a database administrator's job as easy and productive as possible. DBAs and data analysts are likely to gain the most benefit from using AQT. Most of AQT's features have been designed to make repetitive jobs as easy and accurate as possible.

You will click from lists, rather than having to type names that can easily be mis-typed! :)

Database novices

However, if you are fairly new to databases, you will find AQT's features, GUI query builder, and Query Assistant very helpful.

This guide is not an introduction to databases. It does not provide any instruction in database concepts.

AQT is a very quick and powerful query tool. It does not yet include a reporting tool, however the Export facility is powerful and flexible.

Advanced Query Tool
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