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Expand A quick start to AQT
Expand Introduction to AQT
Expand Getting help
Expand Shortcut keys
Expand Signing on to a Database
Expand Configuring a Database Connection
Expand Displaying information about your database
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Expand Finding Data in a Table
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Collapse Charting
    How Charting Works
   Collapse Using the Charting window
       Specifying the columns to be charted
       Specifying properties of the Series
       How Charting deals with Null values
      Expand Specifying the type of Chart
      Expand Other styles of charts
      Collapse Specifying other properties of the chart
          Customizing the Axes
          Specifying the Legend
          Specifying Labels
          Specifying Titles
          Specifying the Query which populates the chart
          Using the Advanced Chart Editor
    Using the Chart toolbar
    Saving and Opening your Chart
    Viewing Charts in the Query Explorer
    Creating Charts in Batch
 Summarizing your Data
 Merge Table
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 Technical Notes on Options
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